Rho Psi Society’s Iota Chapter is pleased to invite active members of the Rho Psi Alpha Sub-Chapter (Young Rho Psi) to submit individual or team applications for Rho Psi Grants. Rho Psi Grants are designed to fund member projects that promote Rho Psi’s three core values in any way.

  1. Chinese American Youth Development:
    Encourage and inspire outstanding academic or extra-curricular achievement
  2. Chinese Culture:
    Promote Chinese heritage and legacy
  3. Community Service:
    Create awareness of social responsibilities to provide for the needy

Areas of focus for 2015 projects include:

  1. Projects to promote posting Qualified Alpha Accomplishments (QAA) and recruiting AAM.
  2. Projects to improve operation of Alpha Internet (AI)
  3. Projects to assist DC area high school students to apply for 2015 Rho Psi Scholarship (preferably working with WMACS, Chinese Schools, local High Schools)
  4. Projects to promote cultural, sports, or educational activities in Chinese youth communities
  5. Projects to prepare individual AAM to participate in extra-curricular competition


Rho Psi Grant applicants must be an active members in good standing of the Rho Psi Alpha Sub-Chapter. Past Rho Psi Scholarship recipients, as well as Rho Psi member descendants are automatically considered active members in good standing. A Rho Psi Alpha Sub-Chapter member may sponsor a non-member as a team partner in a joint Rho Psi Grant project, upon completion which the non-member may be eligible for Rho Psi Alpha Sub-Chapter membership.

An active member must post a minimum of 3 Qualified Alpha Activities on our Facebook page in the current FY to be qualified to renew the “Active” status for next FY. Otherwise, an Alpha member will be considered “inactive” until re-qualified in any future FY. QAA include any personal achievement, or any accomplishment in promoting Rho Psi core value.

Rho Psi Grants are awarded based on the merit of a project’s proposal and performance / achievement of stated goals.


Rho Psi Scholarship recipients and Rho Psi member descendants are qualified to submit an application form to become active members, but must be approved before submitting a grant application.

The Rho Psi Iota Chapter reviews applications and awards grants annually up to $1,000 per participating Active Alpha Member.

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Each approved grant also requires the submission of at least one (1) Progress Report, and one Final Report.

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