The Rho Psi Foundation is a non-profit organization originally formed by Rho Psi brothers.  It is financially and legally separate from the Rho Psi Society (previously, Fraternity).  The Foundation was incorporated in the state of New York on March 5, 1965.


The objectives of Rho Psi Foundation include:

  • Aid youth of Chinese descent in education, development, and pursuit of higher learning by means of scholarship, grant and other forms of financial assistance
  • Demonstrate concern and awareness of Chinese community responsibilities, and for their ability to provide service to help those in need
  • Provide and carry out programs for introduction of Chinese Culture.


Any Rho Psi Society member willing to provide financial contribution to further the objective of the Rho Psi Foundation by is qualified to become a member.

Board of Directors

The operation of the Foundation is guided by Board of Directors, three (President, Secretary and Treasurer) of whom are officers. Current board of directors are Chih-Hsiang Li, Charles Chen, Sherry Hwang, Jimmy Loh, David Ho, Shousun Chen, Alice Jao, Ken Chong, Hsien P. Pao, and James Hsu. Chih-Hsiang Li is the foundation president, Charles Chen is Secretary, and Sherry Hwang is Treasurer.

Programs and Activities

In 1960’s and 1970’s, the main activities of the Foundation were awarding of scholarships to universities in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.  In 1975, the first Presidential Classroom for Chinese American Youth was established.  Started in 1980’s, the main effort is dedicated to the Rho Psi Youth Scholarship Programs, Young Rho Psi Grants, and Rho Psi community Award for promoting Chinese youth development, culture and community services.

Tax Exemption

Rho Psi Foundation is an IRS tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Code. All contributions to the Foundation are tax exempt for federal and state income tax purposes.