Based on Rho Psi Society Bylaw, in 1955, the Iota Chapter of Rho Psi Society was founded in the Great Washington DC Area. The Iota Chapter has been able to continuing attract desired new members, and developed ourselves into one of the most respected Chinese social organizations in the Great Washington DC Area.

To promote our core value of caring for our next generation and the Chinese culture and community, Iota Chapter has been present and keep expand yearly awards for promoting Chinese youth development, Chinese culture and community service since 1958.

Iota Chapter Board

Title Name
President Jimmy Loh 羅志仁
Scholarship Chair David Ho 何西典
Treasurer Sherry Hwang 許慧麗
Scholarship Fundraising Sophia Parker
Scholarship Ceremony Alice Jao 沈葆
Scholarship Promotion Scheeun Cher 謝慈恩
Advisor James Hsu 徐世杰
Advisor James Whang 黃夏平
Advisor Carl Wu 吳成敏