Rho Psi Scholarship Program

Objective and Scope

Established in 1965, the main objective of the Rho Psi Scholarship Program is to promote Chinese youth balanced academic and extra-curricular development and to recognize outstanding achievement. The scope of this year’s Rho Psi Scholarship Program includes the following 5 Scholarships:

  1. Science & Technology Scholarship
  2. Leadership and Service Scholarship
  3. Arts Scholarship
  4. Sports Scholarship
  5. Need Based Scholarship
  6. Public Speaking Scholarship

On top of that, the other objective of the Scholarship Program is, leveraging on their Rho Psi Scholarship experience, to inspire Rho Psi Scholarship winners and to enable them moving forward to attain higher academic and social achievements in their future development.

Rho Psi Youth Award Committee

The Rho Psi Youth Award Committee of the Iota Chapter of Rho Psi Society serves as the management organization of the Rho Psi Scholarship Program. The primary responsibility of the Rho Psi Youth Award Committee and its individual Scholarship Committees include fund raising, scholarship planning, application, selection and award presentation, etc.

Rho Psi Youth Award Committee members and responsibilities:

  1. Rho Psi Youth Award Committee Chairperson: James Hsu
  2. Leadership and Service Scholarship Committee Chairperson: Alice Jao
  3. Science and Technology Scholarship Committee Chairperson: Charles Chen
  4. Art Scholarship Committee Chairperson: David Ho
  5. Sports Scholarship Committee Chairperson: Sam Chang
  6. Need-Based Scholarship Committee Chairperson: Sherry Hwang
  7. Public Speaking Scholarship Committee Chairperson: George Chang
  8. Young Rho Psi Grant Committee Chairperson: Jimmy Loh
  9. Scholarship Promotion Committee Chairperson: Scheeun Cher
  10. Scholarship Fund Raising Committee Chairperson: Peter Kiang
  11. Award Ceremony & Logistics Committee Chairperson: Alice Jao

Scholarship Promotion Committee responsible for promoting general awareness of Pho Psi Scholarship among great DC area Chinese media, Chinese schools, high schools, and general public. The main purpose is to outreach/distribute the scholarship announcement and to attract quality scholarship applicants. The activities starts when the scholarship website is ready for download application forms. The committee is also responsible for invitation of guests for the award ceremony. Each Scholarship Committee Chairperson also shares the responsibility of promoting and invitation for his/her own scholarship.

Rho Psi Member Contribution and Matching Fund

Iota Chapter of Rho Psi Society will conduct yearly fund raising for member contribution to fund the Scholarship. Contributors will have the option to indicate preferred individual Scholarship for their contributions.

Rho Psi Foundation will match and subsidize the member contributions. Including matching fund, the total budget for this year Rho Psi Scholarship Program is $60,000.

Award and Ceremony

All awards of the scholarships have to be openly competed and dedicated to the objective of the Rho Psi Scholarship Program.  The Award Ceremony will be announced on each year of its time and location.