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US High Ranking Sport Scholarship

To recognize and to encourage young sports talents, Rho Psi awards sports scholarship to selected outstanding achievement Chinese youths, in the Great Washington Area, who achieved top ranking in US nationwide open competition/ranking of major sports.

Great Washington Area Chinese youth (18 & younger) who achieved top ranking in US nationwide open competition/ranking of major sports (within one year before the application deadline) is encouraged to submit the application form below to apply for the Rho Psi US Top Ranking Sports Scholarship.

The number and the award amount of this scholarship shall be decided by the Rho Psi Sports Scholarship Committee. The main consideration factors include the popularity of the sports, the openness of the competition/ranking, the ranking and the age group of the ranking, etc.. The maximum of the individual award amount is $2,000.

Click on the “Apply now” button and fill out the online application form before March 31, 2022.  You will get a confirmation email with your supplied information.  Please includes any support materials such as Photos, Videos, press release or any related links.

Winners will be obligated to attend the award ceremony, and to display one of their winning pieces when assigned. And winners must accept their awards in person; failure to do that may cause their award to be forfeited.  The award ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 6 starting at 10:00am at the Culture Center of TECRO, 901 Wind River Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20878, (301) 869-8585.


為啟發參與並獎勵能在主要運動項目全美排名上, 有名列前茅優勝成績的大華府區華裔青少年, 華府素友會繼續提供主要運動全美排名優勝獎學金。今年該獎學金預算為四千元美金。獎學金不預設名額,  最高獎金可得二千元美金. 報名資格及審核辦法如下:

  • 居住大華府地區(馬里蘭州,維吉尼亞州,及華盛頓特區)
  • 小學生至高中生,年齡不得超過18歲
  • 曾參加全美國性比賽
  • 獎學金名次,名額及金額將依申請人運動項目廣泛性, 排名公開性, 年齡組別, 等因素,以及總共申請人數而由素友會運動獎學金委員會決定。
  • 得獎人必須參加素友會年頒獎會 (5月6日) 接受表揚

Committee Members

  • James Hsu
  • Jimmy Loh
  • Sam Chang
  • Chi-Shiang Li
  • Charles Chen

If you have any questions, please email Jimmy Loh

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