Who Can Apply?

Chinese American High School students between grade of 9-12 in the Greater Washington DC and Baltimore area.

How to Apply?

1. Application Form Due by Feb 28, 2019

2. Resume: Due by March 25, 2019
Please submit a list of your academic and non-academic achievements since 9th grade
(one page).

3. Abstract: Due by March 25, 2019
Limited to one page.
Please include Project Title and your Name.

4. Recommendations/References from mentor(s): Due by March 25, 2019
Limited to two pages.

5. Written project report: Due by March 25, 2019
a. Limited to ten (10) pages.
b. Put your project title and Name on top of the first page.
c. Please use Microsoft Word document and use Font size 12, double spaced.

*Please email all Five (5) items to Charles@itat.co or mail (Post mark by March 25, 2019) to:
Rho Psi Science & Technology Scholarship
c/o Mr. Charles Chen
8204 Brucar Ct.
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Questions: e-mail or call:
Charles Chen

Judging Guidelines

Written Report  (50%)

  1. Abstract (one page only)
  2. Project Report (maximum 10 pages)
  3. Resume of past projects and accomplishment since 9th grade (one page only)

Poster Presentation (50%)

  1. Onsite Q&A (9-3pm)
  2.  Poster Presentation (3′ by 4′ maximum)


2/28/2019 – Application Due
3/25/2019 – Whole Project Package Due

Questions / More Information

 If you have any questions please email 陳嘉和 Charles Chen charles@itat.co 703-869-1888.
Committee Members
  • Charles Chen
  • Chou-Chi Li (Life Science Chair)
  • James Whang (Environmental Chair)
  • James Hsu (Computer Science Chair)
  • Lily Chen (Physics & Engineering Chair)

Invited Review Panel

  • Juliann Kiang
  • De-Maw Chuang
  • Shousun Chen
  • Bing Yao
  • Jeff Chen
  • Richard T. Jow
  • Frank Pao
  • Ken Chong
  • George Chang

Past Exhibitors

Download Forms

download-pdf Science & Technology Application

download-pdfScience & TechnologyApplication in Chinese

 download-pdf Science & Technology Submission Guideline 


Top Prize:  $2,000
2nd Place:  $1,500
3rd Place:  $1,000
Honorable Mention:  $250

*Rho Psi Reserve the rights to make any change in case of tie