Who Can Apply?

Chinese American High School students between grade of 9-12 in the Greater Washington DC and Baltimore area.

How to Apply?

Step 1:  Print, fill and mail out the application form through the US Potsal Office by 2/28/2018 to:

Dr. Carl Wu
9605 Newbridge Dr.
Potomac, MD 20854

Step 2: Submit the following materials by 3/25/2018

1.  One Page Abstract, including Project Title and your Name.

2.  One Page Resume including previous projects and achievement since 9th grade.

3.  Written Report

  • Limited to ten (10) pages.
  • Including your Project Title and Name on the first page.
  • Use Font size 12, double spaced.

Please email above three documents as Microsoft Word (docx) attachments to WUL99@AOL.COM. Then, print and mail 3 copies of all the above three documents through the US Postal office to Carl Wu with the address above.

Judging Guidelines

Written Report  (50%)

  1. Abstract (one page only)
  2. Project Report (maximum 10 pages)
  3. Resume of past projects and accomplishment since 9th grade (one page only)

Poster Presentation (50%)

  1. Onsite Q&A (9-3pm)
  2.  Poster Presentation (3′ by 4′ maximum)


2/28/2018 – Application Due
3/25/2018 – Whole Project Package Due

Questions / More Information

 If you have any questions please email Carl Wu 吳澄敏 WUL99@AOL.COM  or call 301-299-6075
Committee Members
  • Carl Wu
  • Lily Chen
  • Shousun Chen
  • James Hsu
  • Kam Tse
  • Anchen Lin*

* Honorable Committee Member

Invited Review Panel

  • Jackson Yang
  • Jeff Chen
  • James Whang
  • Bing Yao
  • Shen Yang
  • Juliann Kiang

Past Exhibitors

Download Forms

download-pdf Science & Technology Application

download-pdfScience & TechnologyApplication in Chinese

 download-pdf Science & Technology Submission Guideline 


Top Prize:  $2,000
2nd Place:  $1,500
3rd Place:  $1,000
Honorable Mention:  $250

*Rho Psi Reserve the rights to make any change in case of tie