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Science & Technology

The mission of this scholarship is to encourage Chinese American students for their exploration, innovation and inspiration of outstanding performance in science and technology.

Who Can Apply?
Chinese American High School students between grade of 9-12 in the Greater Washington DC and Baltimore area.

Click on the “Apply Online Click Here” button above and fill out the application by January 31, 2024

Stage 1:  Written Report  (50%)

  1. Abstract: Limited to 2 pages.
  2. Written project report: Limited to ten (10) pages, Double-spaced, Front size 12. Project title and name on top of the first page.
  3. Resume: includes a list of your academic and non-academic achievements since 9th grade (1-2 pages).
  4. Recommendations/References from mentor(s): Limited to two pages.  (Preferred but not required)

Stage 2:  Virtual Presentation and Q&A (50%)

  • Date/Time to be announced. Presenter will be joined with judges virtually. Presentation material is limited to 20 pages and presentation is limited to 20 minutes.

Award ceremony: 10 AM, Saturday, May 4, 2024 at the Culture Center at 901 Wind River Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20878. All Awardees must attend to receive scholarship.

Questions: e-mail

We will make decision on the award amount based on the number of awardees.  The top prize is up to $2000 and there maybe be multiple winners in each category.

*Rho Psi Reserve the rights to make any change in case of tie.   You are welcome to apply for multiple scholarships. You can receive multiple awards and certificates; however, you can only receive one (highest amount) scholarship.

華府素友會科技獎學金 須知
﹝宗 旨﹞ 鼓勵並表揚華裔子女對科技的探索,創新和啟發有傑出表現的華裔青年。
﹝申請資格﹞ 居住在大華府地區,就讀九至十二年級的華裔子女均可申請。
﹝評審標準﹞    (一)書面報告(Written Report英文)(佔總分50%)
  1. 研究計報告:題目、作者、就讀學校、指導老師、指導老師的研究機構、摘要、前言、研究目的、方法、結果、討論、參考文獻 (限十頁 Double-spaced, Font size 12)
  2. 指導教授推薦函 (限兩頁))建議提供
  3. 履歷表和九年級迄今之學術及非學術成就簡述(限兩頁)
  4. 接受、拒絕與修改申請資料,會於2024年2月收到通知。接受入圍的申請者將於2024年4月進行互聯網簡報

(二) 互聯網簡報(英文)

1. 初選入圍申請人在約定的時間在互聯網做簡報,並回答提問。

2. 簡報规则: 限不超過20頁, 不超過20分鐘

3. 獲獎者將於2024年4月30日通知

  1. 網上填寫申請表,  截止日期: 2024131

2. 頒獎儀式: 2024年5月4日上午10時,假「華府僑教中心」901 Wind River Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20878舉行頒獎典禮。

個人可申請多項獎學金, 並可贏得多項名次及獎狀, 但限制只可贏得一項最髙獎學金


Questions: e-mail 

Committee Members
  • F. M. Sheen (Committee Chair)
  • Charles Chen (Computer Science Chair)
  • Chou-Chi Li (Life Science Chair)
  • James Whang (Environmental Chair)
  • James Hsu (Computer Science Chair)
  • TBD (Physics & Engineering Chair)

Invited Review Panel

  • Juliann Kiang
  • De-Maw Chuang
  • Shousun Chen
  • Bing Yao
  • Richard T. Jow
  • Frank Pao
  • Ken Chong
  • George Chang

Past Exhibitors