Alpha, Young Rho Psi, Members are young men and women who are part of a social organization to network and promote Rho Psi core values. They thrive in a supportive community which aims to enhance their academic and extracurricular capabilities.


  1. Chinese American Youth Development:
    Encourage and inspire outstanding academic or extra-curricular achievement
  2. Chinese Culture:
    Promote Chinese heritage and legacy
  3. Community Service:
    Create awareness of social responsibilities to provide for the needy

Qualified Applicants are Rho Psi Scholarship recipients, Rho Psi member descendants, and/or individuals with notable contribution to the Rho Psi Society (e.g. Co-management of Rho Psi Project). Qualified applicants must fill out a registration form to receive Active Alpha Member (AAM) status.

In order to maintain active member status, Rho Psi Alpha Sub-Chapter members must post a minimum of 3 activities or accomplishments to the Rho Psi Facebook promoting the member’s achievement in the areas of academic, youth development, Chinese culture, or community service.

Apply to become a member


Active Alpha Members are eligible to apply for Alpha Grant for funding Alpha Projects. These are projects which meet the objective of promoting Rho Psi core values and enhancing extra-curricular capabilities. Projects will require:

  • Application with statement of work
  • Funding Request
  • Progress Updates & Final Accomplishment Report
Click here to apply for grants